What is dual credit?
Dual credit is a method for technical colleges and high schools to partner together to deliver seamless instruction to high school students, providing them with the opportunity to enroll in and complete associate degree and technical diploma course work while fulfilling high school graduation credits.

Highlights of the program include:
Students receive the credits they earn for free.  The only cost to the student is a $5 fee if they request an official NTC transcript to be sent to another college or university.

Courses offered by NTC for dual credit apply directly to programs offered at NTC.  NTC offers formalized articulation, or transfer agreements with many four-year college partners for all associate degree programs.  Information on these opportunities can be found on NTC's website, www.ntc.edu/transfer, on the Dual Credit Course Guide and High School Teacher Requirements.

Students who receive high school accommodations/modifications can also receive accommodations for dual credit courses.  Accommodations should follow NTC's post-secondary guidelines and are provided by the high school.  Accommodations are individualized and based on the student's need and disability.

Antigo High School Dual Credit CTE Offerings:
Dairy Science = Animal Science at NTC
Working on YA, Animal Science with Fox Valley and Veterinarian Terminology at NTC

 Business and Media Productions
Accounting I
Web Design
Digital Desktop Publishing

Family and Consumer Science
Child Care Careers = EEC: Foundations of Early Childhood Education at NTC

Automotive Technician II = Automotive Service Fundamentals at NTC

Cabinet Making II = Fundamentals of Furniture Manufacturing at NTC

Arch Cad = AutoCAD 2D for Architectural Design

Metals Fabrication = Introduction to Welding

Graphics II = Photoshop Manipulation